shouting ground (shouting_ground) wrote in acoa,
shouting ground

ACoA Daughters

I was reading this book on adult daughters of alcoholics. I would have bought it, but there wasn't anything in there that was particularly new or helpful (for me).

Something struck me. It talked about adult daughters of male alcoholics tend to be in relationships with men who are controlling, due to controling natures of their fathers. Myself and my family consider my father controlling, and I find myself in a relationship with a man who is a little more controlling than I'd like. Apparently, it's certain qualities (that are not necessarily negative) which my make us inclined to pair up with controlling men.

Do any of you ACOA daughters share this experience?

The book also mentioned that ACOA daughters are more defensive of their alcoholic fathers, than if their mothers are the alcoholics. In this case, they tend to be less forgiving.
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